The big bang went boom, the universe exhaled and catalyzed life. We know this story, because we pointed our telescopes at the blackest, must unknowable places in the universe. And it told us.


The human story has sped from Lascaux cave dwellers with mineral pigments under their nails,

to men with moon dust on their boots,

to people with all the knowledge there is to know in the palm of their hands.


Human beings have always made the most breathtaking things by working at the intersection of art and science, technology and story.


Samuel F.B. Morse’s first telegraph message was, “What hath God wrought?”


Stories borne by technology have always conveyed man’s amazement at being inventive and alive.


Time’s arrow moves at the speed of enlightenment.


The world has changed and we are changed too. Technology is now evolving and adapting mankind faster than biology.


With Sapient’s work in technology and story, we are engines of that change.


And with that comes responsibility. With that comes our purpose:


Sapient’s work helps humankind to be more fully human.


To better tell and share stories and storyscapes.


To better connect,


to transact, to give voice, give aid, lend healing.


To give love and feel love.


Even to liberate.


To help others be more fully human through technology is a high calling and it’s calling to us at Sapient.


With our great work, with one voice, we answer.



Pete Louison