We can’t wait.

Because the world changed, and so did all the rules.

Customers are asking us to deliver the future and they want it yesterday.

We are problem solvers down to our DNA.

But we can work smarter. And faster. Much faster. 

We can’t wait.

ADI will win for our customers by accelerating our thinking.

Winning through the velocity of ideas.

Some will say “fast” is the new “good.” But that’s not good enough for us.

We will never forget that integrity is the bedrock of innovation.

And quality is the tower we build on it every day, story by story.

But we’ve got to move faster.

We can’t wait.

There are ideas that arrive on time, and ideas that arrive after their time is up.

We need more of the former and less of the latter.

If necessity is the mother of invention, committees are its maddening


And it’s not right when more thinking goes into approving an idea than

it took to think it up: Death by a thousand data points.

So we’ve got to know when to get out of our own way.

We can’t wait.

The velocity of ideas to revenue is directly proportional to our aversion to risk.

But a great idea might as well be a flop if the customer can’t get his hands on it.

Genius may be in the details but only idiots get lost in them.

Accelerating the velocity of ideas isn’t just an organizational challenge,

But one that each of us, in our teams, communities and collaborations, must take personal responsibility for.


With sharper foresight, bolder points of view and tighter partnerships we can be a more productive, dynamic organization.


We can’t wait.


So we never forget that the sky is not the limit, nor is our collective imagination.


There is limitless potential, right, now, TODAY for ADI in greener energy, safer cars, smarter machinery and buildings, better healthcare, faster connectivity and wearable technology.


And by committing to the velocity of ideas in our work and across our culture, we can make more of our customers more successful and more of the world better every day.


We can’t wait.