I know how to move people.

On behalf of brands, causes, products, services or agency points of view.


I know how to communicate to human beings, not just the consumer.

Because I know that she is probably tired. Worried about her job or her marriage.

My voice in her head, uninvited, is probably not welcome. Unless I can help somehow.

I know that first, we empathize.


I know that we in advertising and marketing have largely lost people.

I know that’s because we talked at them, not with them.

We talked down to them, not up to them. We talked to hear ourselves talking,

but too rarely shut up and listened.


I know we can win them back. My work, every day, tries to do that.


I like to say that, now that all markets are conversations,

the day will be won by the most interesting conversationalists.


Now, there’s huge lip service today around Storytelling.

“There have always been storytellers, sitting around the fire,” etc.

The thing is, you know there were also people at that fire who rolled their eyes,

stood up and went off to look at the moon.

I know we better be interesting.


I know how to stand up or re-imagine a brand, in any category,

in both digital and traditional channels, so that no matter from what platform people enter the brandscape,

the experience is consistently wonderful.


I know how to lead a charge. To buck my people up.

To remind them that we are plying a craft and to be proud of their gifts.

It’s about The Work.

And the joy in the work is in the craft.



PHOTO: Terry Louison Photography